Over the past six months or so Samantha Clarke has been working with colleagues from our CU Subject Librarian team to create a library induction game. The game Book Runner, developed using RPG Maker MV, is set in Coventry University Library and designed with the intention to provide a fun, online way for students to familiarize themselves with the resources and support available. Book Runner takes on a 2001: A Space Odyssey vibe and uses puzzles and character dialogue to provide a humorous, characterful way of learning about the Library Service and study space.

As of today, the game is now available for anyone anywhere to download and have a go (below is a link to download a .ZIP of the files). Whether you’re just curious or want to see how a similar resource may be useful for your students and community, you should definitely check it out!

Read more about the development of the game online here.

For feedback and questions, email Samantha Clarke.

Open Source files of game can be downloaded online here under CC-BY-NC license. Edit and modify for own use, cite Disruptive Media Learning Lab as Original Creator.