We are happy to announce that the call for registrations of interest for the Digital Leaders programme is out now!

The Digital Leaders programme aims to foster students’ critical understanding of technology alongside developing digital skills, and for students to pass their knowledge on to peers.

Participating students will receive mentoring and training from the Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) team to develop their digital competencies and leadership skills. They will then go on to design and deliver a workshop to share their skills and knowledge with peers. Students will have opportunity to work and co-create projects with students from different discipline backgrounds across the university. No prior technical knowledge is needed as the training and mentorship provided through the programme will support students to develop the skills they need to become a Digital Leader.

In 2016-17 the Digital Leaders programme was successfully piloted by the Library and DMLL with a small group of students. The new revised programme for 2019-20 will scale to reach students from all Schools across Coventry University with the aim to foster Digital Fluency throughout the student community.

DMLL understands Digital Fluency as the ability to engage effectively and ethically with the current social and technical ecosystem, and to make the most of it in the context of both professional activities and everyday life.

Once this cohort of Digital Leaders completes the programme we hope they will continue to support digitally-enabled learning projects at the DMLL and across the university. The DMLL has a number of initiatives such as Coventry.Domains and the work of our newly appointed Wikimedian in Residence that we are eager to recruit Digital Leaders to collaborate with us on.

We are keen to hear from you how Digital Leaders could support student-facing initiatives across the university in future. If you have ideas on how Digital Leaders could help your School or university-wide initiatives let us know.

Students can register their interest here, deadline September 20th 2019:


Graphic ident for the Digital Leaders programme

For more information:

Lauren Heywood
Innovation and Community Producer
Disruptive Media Learning Lab
Coventry University
Email: lauren.heywood@coventry.ac.uk