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Engaged citizens in a networked age 

The social dynamics, practices and cultures emerging in parallel to the rise and evolution of the Web may have important implications for the ways in which we learn and have access to knowledge and sources of expertise. One of the key priorities for DMLL is to explore and foster pedagogical approaches aimed at helping both academics and students to make the most of the current media environment, by building capacity (i.e. digital competence, web literacy), offering key resources and sharing expertise as well as inspiring practices.

Our ultimate goal in this regard is to provide students with opportunities to develop the expertise, abilities and attitudes that will enable them to become competent professionals and engaged citizens in a networked age.

Under this overarching area, the work of DMLL is particularly concerned with promoting open educational practices and empowering members of our academic communities to critically develop their online presence and take more ownership of it, through approaches such as Domains of One’s Own.

Openness in education for DMLL is about redefining the borders that have traditionally detached universities from society and excluded certain groups from HE, making it more inclusive and accessible to all. By opening up teaching-learning processes, a wider range of publics may benefit from the activity of educational institutions while students might benefit from more authentic learning experiences.

Domain of One’s Own has allowed me to do things I’ve wanted to for years but not had the means and I am now encouraged to put together an open access ‘10 days of Linked In’ blogging course.

Heather Sears, Coventry University Doctoral Training Centre 

The use the open web, digital commons and non-proprietary infrastructures for teaching and learning, as well as technology-mediated forms of intercultural collaborations and distributed teamwork are some of the other key themes covered within this broader area of interest.

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