In a digital world where data is ever more ubiquitous, and almost every app and service gathers different data about us, it’s more critical than ever for people to understand the role of this data — and the algorithms behind it — in our lives. DALI – Data Literacy for Citizens aims to empower individuals (young adults, adults, seniors) for responsible citizenship / community engagement in terms of data, by acquiring and developing key competences related to data literacy. DALI addresses basic training in data literacy for adults in non-formal settings, through collaboration, piloting, and evaluation of educational strategies, and a toolkit of games and playful learning resources for adults, as well as methods of implementation with adult learning stakeholders.

The project is coordinated by the Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology (SLATE) at the University of Bergen (Norway) and, in addition to Coventry University, the following HE institutions are partners in the consortium: the Universidad de Murcia (Spain), Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen Nuernberg (Germany) and Universitat de les Illes Balears (Spain).

An extended network of Associated Partners includes a diverse range of organisations: Pensjonistforbundet and Kompetanse Norge (Directorate for Lifelong Learning), Norway; Office for the Education of the Unemployed in Ibiza, a member of Parliament of the Balearic Islands, Faro Digial (NGO), IKANOS, the Basque Coalition for Digital Skills, and Jobs 4.0, Spain; Volkshochschule Fürth and Bildungszentrum Nürnberg, Germany; and Coventry City Council’s Library Service, UK.

Featured image by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash