With the new academic year we have launched a new look and set of learning resources for Coventry.Domains.

Coventry.Domains is an initiative at Coventry University that offers students and staff the opportunity to take more control over their online presence and to develop important digital competences. It provides students and staff with web hosting space, a personalised subdomain name and capacity-building opportunities, enabling them to build their own websites and experiment with a wide range of applications for web publishing, information management and other purposes.

This academic year there are over 30 courses across Coventry University campuses making use of Coventry.Domains to embed Digital Fluency into curriculum.

To usher in its fourth year of existence we have given the main landing page of the service a lick of paint to turn it from blue to pink.

Screenshot of the new Coventry.Domains learning resources website which can be found at coventry.domains/learn

We’ve also revamped our learning resources to create a new site with easy to navigate information for all your self-hosting, learning on the open web needs. These resources take students and staff from the basics of how to get started with their new web hosting space, and explanations of how the technologies that make up the Web work, to shaping their own domain and online presence. This includes information about accessibility, copyright and privacy to support students to build online spaces that benefit themselves and others across the Web.

New learning resources are available at: coventry.domains/learn

All Coventry.Domains learning resources are openly available, licensed under Creative Commons (CC-BY-NC 4.0) so they can be reused and remixed by anyone to fit their context.

We are looking forward to see the Coventry.Domains community and beyond make use of these resources. This is only the start and we plan to keep adding new resources to meet the need and curiosity of our students and staff.

If you have questions about the Coventry.Domains learning resources available get in touch with Lauren Heywood and Noah Mitchell. For general queries about Coventry.Domains, get in touch with the team at: dooo@coventry.ac.uk.

Top image by Kayla Farmer on Unsplash.