Research and Evaluation


The Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) is engaged in a variety of applied innovation and research activities. Part of this involves the evaluation of the tools and resources developed through our work and a wider evaluation into the DMLLs role and impact across Coventry University and Higher Education more widely.

We’re seeking two types of feedback to support our evaluations. The first is immediate feedback to trace the success of the tools utilised, and the second is long term feedback to see how their use has affected teaching, learning and the student experience. Both forms of feedback are collected through the same survey.

Join the Study

Joining the research is simple. All you need to do is complete our Unified Evaluation Questionnaire detailing which DMLL initiative you have engaged in and provide feedback. If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Sylvesyter Arnab, research lead for this study.

Immediate Feedback

We are seeking to evaluate the immediate experience of those using our tools and resources in activities and teaching sessions. The immediate feedback side of the study involved the completion of the Unified Evaluation Questionnaire immediately prior to an activity such as a workshop, active learning session, or talk.

Long Term Feedback

Our goal with long term feedback is to evaluate whether the activities developed and promoted by the Lab have a demonstrable impact on the overall student experience and attainment in a module or course. This long term feedback will help us to focus our efforts and resources on what really matters – helping our students.

Participant Consent

Participation is not mandatory, you can choose to participate or not, and it will not in any way influence your opportunity to work with DMLL. This study is open to anyone who has engaged with the DMLL or participated in one of our events, initiatives, or workshops. This study is open to Coventry University staff, Coventry University students, and anyone external from Coventry University Group who have engaged in our activities.

Ethical Approval

This study has been approved though the Coventry University ethical approval process. The study has been reviewed by Sylvester Arnab, Professor at Coventry University and Luca Morini, Research Associate at Coventry University.

Data Protection

The data will be anonymised, with only the general pool of respondents being identified for follow ups. The data will be stored in secure servers in Coventry University in accordance with the relevant GDPR regulations and University policies.

Participant Withdrawal

You can withdraw from the research process by 24th Dec 2018. After this date, the data will be fully anonymised and that data will not be identifiable for withdrawal. To withdraw, please email Professor Sylvester Arnab.

Contacting the Research Team

The research team for this project is led by Professor Sylvester Arnab of Coventry University. You can contact the research lead using the contact form below. For any complaints about this project you can contact Professor Olivier Sparagano or for general concerns Director of DMLL Professor Jonathan Shaw. Additionally, you can contact the Disruptive Media Learning Lab by emailing or calling 02476 659495.

Contact the Research Team

If you have any questions about this evaluation you can contact the research team using the form below.

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Image Credit: Dylan Gillis on Unsplash