The CU SPRINT process has been used a number of times for module and course development. From our first course design SPRINT with the School of Humanities through to module design SPRINTs for the School of Media and Performing Arts, feedback from academics and others involved has been glowing.

Yesterday, we challenged ourself to deliver not one, but six SPRINTs simultaneously. Working with the School of Economics, Finance, and Accounting (EFA), we worked with the course leaders of six different masters courses to re-validate the course design with an emphasis on innovation, student experience, and quality accreditation. Also present were the Associate Heads of School for Student Experience and Quality Assurance and a member of the Group Quality Unit to provide support and encouragement in creating the best offering possible.

Throughout the day we worked to find solutions to a range of issues, working with the academics to update assessment types, develop new ideas for teaching delivery, and explore ways to develop students digital literacy capabilities. Borrowing ideas used in the SPRINT process, we discussed new ways to shift the course offering to increase student satisfaction and reduce staff workload.

Leaving the room at the end of the day, an optimistic can-do vibe to innovation was present. With much work still ahead in the re-validation process, we will be working with the teams closely to provide input and support, maximising student opportunities and creating distinctive, modern, and exiting post-graduate offerings throughout the school.

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