Exploring Disinformation and Fake News


Disinformation and fake news have become ubiquitous terms within the media landscape. The distinction between the two is often unclear. Where fake news refers to entirely falsified stories, disinformation draws on real stories and changes elements of the narrative to deliberately deceive.

The Bad News game developed by DROG is an activity that can be run in class or individually to explore the nuances of disinformation and fake news online. Participants are invited to put their morals on the back burner and take the role of disinformation producers with the aim of garnering a large online following. The aim of the game is to gain as many followers as possible without losing credibility. In-class or online discussion can then be used for participants to reflect on how to spot and combat disinformation in an ever-increasingly saturated online environment.

Image Credit: Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash




DROG are a multidisciplinary team of academics, journalists and media-experts headquartered in the Hague who develop educational programmes and create innovative tools that help build resistance to disinformation.