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Education games can be a great way to engage students whilst delivering the learning content needed. Educational games come in all shapes and sizes, physical, digital, and a combination of the both. You can invent your own learning games or re-purpose those already out there to suit your needs and those of your students.

Games with Purpose provides a list of games based on categories to help whittle down suitable games for different audiences. Here, we introduce you to their selection of games for adult learners to provide inspiration (and a bit of enjoyment).

Online Games

1 to 30 minutes (Play)


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Games with Purpose

Games with Purpose

Games with Purpose was created to showcase the best games that do more than just entertain. It will feature an ever-growing selection of learning, serious, news, social impact and meaningful games. Their aim is to recognise those that most successfully blend fun, quality and objectives with a view to help new audiences discover and play them.