As part of an Erasmus+ staff mobility we – that is Carola Schirmer, Claudia Lehmann and Victoria Marín – visited the Disruptive Media Learning Lab from October 14th–18th. We belong to the Academic Development team of the University of Oldenburg in the northwest of Germany. Since our work in the team focuses on digital media for teaching and learning, our visit at the DMLL and the University of Coventry was a great opportunity to explore (online and off-line) spaces for teaching and learning and seek inspiration.

As part of the training program, we took part in the event “Play, Games and Gamification in Education”, where we learned (and enjoyed) how to design playful games for learning and educational escape rooms. We participated in the Remix Play 3 event, where we got to know different applications of game design for social innovation and change. It was really interesting to see how games can be designed and applied in a wide variety of educational and social purposes!

The next two days we met different units and teams of the DMLL and Coventry University that are involved in designing and developing options for teachers and students to incorporate digital media for teaching and learning in the university studies (DMLL Innovation Team, Wikimedian in Residence, Learning Technologists). We also got to know the different structures to support teachers in their professional development (Academic Development Team), the Academic Liaison Team built up by Subject Librarians, and the Center for Global Education as an educational research structure.

We received lots of inspiration during our visit and we are grateful that we had the opportunity to come to visit DMLL and the rest of the University, and learn from you. We look forward to applying some of the ideas at the University of Oldenburg and to collaborating with you in the near future!