This is the first episode of a new podcast series produced by the Disruptive Media Learning Lab. The Otherside focuses on student perspectives on teaching and learning in Higher Education.

In this pilot episode, we talk to three Coventry University students about their own experiences with digital technologies and how students can be better supported to develop their digital fluency. Ade and Javier are 3rd year Aerospace Technology BEng students, and Rory is studying a Professional Creative Writing MA.

We discuss topics that include digital making, where we publish and share work online, social media, privacy, media literacy and lots of other good stuff.

Big big thanks to Ade, Javier and Rory for joining this episode! We loved having them on the podcast and their insights led to a rich conversation.

Be warned – this is very much a pilot episode. We ran into a few audio set up issues so voices drop in and out. Thankfully we had Sarah K-Andrews on hand to breathe life into it and edit it into something listenable. The next episode will be full audio podcast bliss.