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Lab Contact: Jacqui Speculand
Team: Katherine Wimpenny

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#3CityLink was one of the first projects DMLL supported at Coventry University. Challenging narratives and dialogue in fine art practice, we helped Coventry students to connect and collaborate with students in Regina, Canada and Gyumri, Armenia.

Concerned with issues of peace and citizenship, the #3CityLink project connected three cities Regina, Coventry and Gyumri which all have complex histories. “Regina is a place struggling with the legacy of colonization and Canada’s cultural genocide of Indigenous people; Coventry is officially designated an international city of Peace and Reconciliation related to its devastation in WWII; and Gyumri is a city recovering from the legacies of war, genocide and natural disaster” (Rachelle Knowles).

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Research Findings

  • The international learning opportunity broadened students’ horizons, developing their skills and art practices.
  • Students realised how easily, quickly and inexpensively they could communicate with artists from completely different cultures to their own.
  • Students seemed to enjoy sharing their ideas through social media and creating their exhibitions.
  • The challenges of online collaboration were hampered through students not responding to one another’s requests
  • With hindsight students revealed they would have done more research, used the time more productively to experiment, to talk with other students from other countries, to involve themselves more, and be less afraid to get involved


  • A conference presentation was made on this project at Art in Society, 2015
  • The project featured in the CU Teaching and Learning Conference in 2015
  • A peer reviewed publication is to be submitted to The Internet and Higher Education

Associated Faculties

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
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